So many of the educators I come in contact with are tying up the loose ends and looking forward to the summer to rejuvenate.  Some of us can’t wait to lie on a beach and read those books that take us out of the real world. There are others of us who are eager to play with that new tool that we didn’t have time to mess with a few weeks ago.

In my case, I’ve been wanting to try out PowToons. Presentations are so ho hum, and I’m a fan of comics and cartoons. Instead of writing another article or press release for our Jedcamp, I created a Powtoon.

Here it is:

Our next step for JEDcampLA is to start making contacts with people we know and their friends by email and phone. It isn’t enough to send out social network blasts. Oh well! So I made this little video to use as an attachment when we send out those emails.