I’m on the organizing committee of an edcamp which is designed for educators who work with Jewish students. Our JEDcamp event will be the first in Los Angeles. If you are not familiar with the JEDcamp model, here’s what you will find:

All kinds of educators- from early childhood to higher education, general studies and Jewish studies, PE, Special Educators, media specialists, old school, and new school. Everyone will be networking all day. There will be no solicitations or fees. When the day starts, attendees will vote on the topics of the day. Adjustments will be made as needed. There will be no set topic or prepared lecture given by an “expert.” Attendees will be encouraged to “vote with their feet.” During any session, if the topic or proceedings are not to their liking, they will move to a different session.

Our goal is to learn from each other, connect, collaborate, and create new ideas.

Our public Google plus group can be found under the name: JEDcampLA.
Eventbrite - JEDcampLA

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