A new day in Los Angeles.

A new day in Los Angeles.

So far, we have a venue and a core of six educators who are working to make this a success. Our goal is to make this worthwhile and energizing for the attendees.

We want this to be inclusive.  JEDcamp has different styles, depending on the city. San Francisco has an open and inclusive style. NY/NJ is designed to attract day school educators. When I talked to Debby Jacoby from JEDcampSF, she inspired me to adopt the inclusive approach. This may be a stumbling block. Maybe I’m too ambitious. Los Angeles is a really hard place to break into because we’re so big, and everyone is so busy.

Why push the issue? What is 21st Century Learning?   We can design joint projects and open up a community of learners for our students. This can lead to project based learning that has real purpose to unite us to strengthen the Jewish community. It’s hard to find an authentic audience for student work. Building safe face to face and online connections will make this possible.

We need to break down the walls of our classrooms and connect. As educators, we have to start the process. We have a collection of very diverse educators with a wide range of expertise. We have so much to learn from each other. JEDcamp makes this a reality.

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